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Social Media Threat
As you know, national and local media outlets have reported on individuals wearing "creepy clown" costumes lurking in areas where children play, around schools or bus stops. These incidents have been very unsettling for communities, especially when some of these people have been in possession of weapons.
We became very concerned last week when a social media "creepy clown" posted  a threat against our schools which would take place on Halloween. The post stated that our schools were targets and would be "going on lockdown". Reed Union School District takes all threats very seriously. An internal investigation was conducted at Del Mar, while law enforcement officials pursued legal means to identify the source of the threat. The juvenile who created the account and posted the message was identified and appropriate consequences have been administered for this action with cooperation from law enforcement.
We became aware of the post when a concerned student reported it to a parent, who then contacted law enforcement. This is EXACTLY what should happen every time a student hears a threat or sees one posted on social media. Students may often think that the person making a threat is joking; however all threats against individuals or schools are taken very seriously and must be reported immediately.
As a result of this post and the rash of "creepy" clown incidents throughout the country, we will not allow any clown costumes to be worn on our school campuses on Halloween, Monday, October 31st. Additionally, no masks, nor costumes that depict violence will be permitted. Our utmost priority is the safety of students and preventing disruption during the instructional day. Schools must always be places where students feel safe, welcomed, and can learn without distraction.
We are planning a school assembly for Del Mar students in January where law enforcement representatives will share the facts pertaining to the responsibility associated with social media; the digital footprint students leave in perpetuity on the internet; students should only communicate with people they personally know; and other related topics to promote online safety. In cooperation with the PTA, a parent presentation will be provided the evening prior to the student assembly. The date of this event will be determined soon.
It is important for students to understand that a post, which may be intended to be funny and harmless, is often taken seriously by others, and there is a responsibility to only post information and opinions that do not harm others in any way.
Thank you for your partnership in ensuring the safety of our children and teaching them about responsibility and the power of their words.

Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.



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