Mission Statement
The Foundation for Reed Schools raises critical financial resources to fund both educators and vital programs. Our mission is to unite parents and the community in support of quality instruction that provides our children with an exceptional education.  
The Foundation for Reed Schools, a non-profit organization[501(c)(3)], was established in 1979 by a group of parent volunteers who were committed to restoring and maintaining essential programming that was cut as result of California’s Proposition 13. Driven by the belief that our children deserve a well-rounded, complete education, these parents started The Foundation to bridge the gap between what the state sees as acceptable for children and what we in this community want for our children. Specifically, The Foundation raises money through various fundraising activities to underwrite Art, Music, P.E., Foreign Language and Technology at all three schools in the Reed Union School District: Reed, Bel Aire and Del Mar.
Meeting the Need
California remains well below the national average in expenditures per student. Local funding (such as a small percentage of property taxes and parcel taxes) and money raised by the Foundation enables the Reed Union School District to rank among the top school districts in the nation.
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